Photo of two surgeons working

Welcome to this e-learning module on heart and lung donation. The module will provide you with the knowledge of the procedures and techniques needed in the assessment and retrieval of the heart and lungs for transplantation.

The module will take you through the process from assessment to surgical retrieval of the heart and lungs. Within the module, there will be a number of interactive elements. You must pass these to progress to the end.

It will take you two hours to complete the module which concludes with a final test. You will then be able to download the certificate yourself. This module should be seen as a part of your wider training in cardiothoracic retrieval.

This module is a joint venture between the competent authorities of the UK, NHSBT and The Netherlands, NTS. 

We hope you find it comprehensive and enjoyable.

To register and pay for the E-learning module, go to the ESOT website.